The Best Way to Prepare for Your Upcoming Root Canal

Root Canal, preparing for a root canal

There’s perhaps no dental procedure more dreaded than a root canal, but this is an unfounded fear. Contemporary dental techniques make root canals virtually painless, in line with what you’d expect when receiving a filling. Chances are that the symptoms that led to a root canal are far more painful than the procedure itself. The more you know about root canal therapy, the more comfortable you’re likely to be at all stages of the process. Here’s a list of tips that can help you prepare for your procedure.

Discuss your case with your dentist

Dr. LaBombard has done many root canals throughout his career, so you’re in experienced hands. But there’s no need to simply accept treatment. Dr. LaBombard is happy to answer your questions and ease your concerns. Open conversation is one of the best ways to sidestep anxiety about root canal. He can explain why root canal is chosen over other procedures. It’s your chance to explore the pros and cons of root canal and alternative therapies. You should also discuss any regular medications or supplements you’re taking so that Dr. LaBombard can assess their impact on the procedure and advise you of any modifications to your routine.

Stay healthy prior to your root canal

Root canal therapy is usually done in a nonsurgical manner, but it’s still a substantial process from which your body needs to heal. Doing what you can to maintain a strong immune system ahead of your root canal therapy helps with the recovery process. Be sure to get plenty of rest in the form of a good night’s sleep the day before the procedure. Similarly, try to eat a balanced and nutritious diet in the days before the root canal, if possible. These steps give your body the resources it needs to recover.

Understand root canal aftercare

There are several approaches to root canal therapy, depending on the particulars of your case. You may have the entire process done in a single appointment, or the work may be spread over two visits. This means you’ll have a temporary filling placed. You’ll likely have special instructions for tooth care in both cases, so be sure you fully understand your responsibilities for home care during and after the process.

Prepare for post-procedure recovery

Before your procedure, be sure to have ice for cooling packs ready. These may help any post-procedure pain or swelling you may have. You can also fill your post-procedure antibiotic prescription before the root canal. It’s important that you take this medication as directed, for the entire length of the prescription. If you don’t complete the course of antibiotics, you risk infection that may spread to other parts of your body.

Dr. LaBombard and the team at Airport Dental Care are here to make you as comfortable as possible about the root canal process. Please feel free to raise any questions or concerns you may have - we want to set your mind at ease. Call the office or request an appointment online for your root canal consultation.

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