When Do I Need Digital X-rays?

When Do I Need Digital X-rays?

If you’re keeping up with your regular dental visits, you know that X-rays of your teeth and mouth are a regular part of your exams so your dentist can check for issues that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

If your oral health is good, you won’t have X-rays at every visit — you might have them every 6-18 months, depending on your situation. If you have gum disease, recurring decay, or other issues, you may need X-rays more often.

No matter how often you need them, the question often comes up in today’s digital world: When should you have digital X-rays instead of traditional X-rays?

At Airport Dental Care in Austin, Texas, our answer is: all the time

To capture digital X-rays, a member of our dental team carefully inserts a sensor into your mouth that takes images of your teeth and mouth. The digital sensor then sends the images directly to a computer so they can be viewed on a screen right away.

Digital images can also be taken using a specialized scanner.

Here’s why we offer digital X-rays instead of traditional X-rays for our patients.

Enhanced images

Because these images are taken with a digital sensor, they provide higher quality, resolution, and accuracy than traditional X-rays. You can also enlarge the digital images, which means you can zoom in on potential problems to get more detail.

Improved diagnostics

Better access to higher-quality images means your dentist’s diagnosis of potential issues is more accurate because it’s based on the exact details the images provide. Your treatment plan is customized based on those details. 

Less exposure to radiation

Digital X-rays use 80% to 90% less radiation than traditional X-rays. That decreases your lifetime exposure to radiation and lowers your risk of side effects or long-term complications.

More efficient process, storage, and access

Not only are digital X-rays available immediately — we don’t have to wait for the image to develop — it’s much easier to store digital copies of images rather than hard copies of developed X-rays. (Better for the environment too).

Plus, accessing a patient’s records or sending them to another provider is easier and more efficient with digital X-rays. No one has to dig through piles of physical records.

If you’re ready for a dental visit, Dr. Brian LaBombard and our expert team at Airport Dental Care are ready to help. Just call our office or use the online scheduler today to book your appointment.

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