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Dental implant restoration can improve the stability of the jaw and helps prevent bone loss. Dr. Brian LaBombard and the staff of Airport Dental Care offer dental implants to their patients who want to keep their mouth strong and healthy. If you live in the Austin, Texas, area and have questions about dental implants, call or go online to schedule a consultation as soon as possible.

Dental Implant Restoration Q & A

Why are dental implants used?

Dental implants fill in gaps created by missing teeth. They anchor directly into the jaw and provide more stability than traditional forms of bridge work.

A dental implant is placed directly into a small pilot hole in the jawbone. The bone will grow or remodel itself around the post, firmly securing it in place.The crown portion of the implant fills in the gap, acting as a stabilizer for the surrounding teeth.

Dr. LaBombard uses dental implants to restore proper form and function to your mouth by creating the same type of structure as your natural tooth.

Can dental implants secure dentures?

Dental implants can secure denture plates as well as simply fill in the occasional gap. If you already have implants, you can use them to secure your dentures. Instead of having your existing implants removed, Dr. Brian will strategically place several more, allowing for your dentures to snap firmly in place.

Adding more implants allows your new dentures to be firmly secured to the posts embedded in your jaw; your dentures no longer slip or shift when your glue begins to wear out. By attaching the plates to the posts, your dentures become part of your mouth’s structure, making them more secure. They’ll also be more comfortable and allow you to speak with confidence.

Can dental implants prevent bone loss?

Dental implants can help prevent bone loss when your natural teeth have been removed. When you’re missing teeth, the jaw bone has nothing to hold onto and eventually begins to wear away or erode. Small posts implanted to secure the upper crown force the jaw to remodel around them, which encourages new bone growth.

The addition of dental implants draws calcium to the area instead of allowing it to slowly leach away. This stabilizes your jaw, making it stronger and more resilient. A strong jaw bone can help maintain your teeth’s alignment and prevent the shifting that can lead to sleep apnea.

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