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A tooth extraction is sometimes inevitable, especially if your tooth has been broken beyond repair. Dr. LaBombard performs regular tooth extractions, and will evaluate and recommend next steps for further treatment any necessary wisdom tooth extractions involving impacted teeth that may not have fully erupted. If you live in Austin, Texas, or any of the surrounding communities, Dr. LaBombard encourages you to call his office and schedule an appointment.

Tooth Extraction Q & A

When should wisdom teeth be extracted?

Your wisdom teeth normally begin to come in when you're in your early 20s. Many people have no problems whatsoever when it comes to their wisdom teeth, while others must have them extracted. A few of the reasons for extracting wisdom teeth include:

  • Not enough room for all of the teeth along the jawline
  • The wisdom tooth comes in at an angle, causing it to become impacted
  • The small space causes the tooth to crack or break as it erupts through the gums

Dr. LaBombard can tell when your wisdom teeth are ready to break the surface by looking at X-rays of your jaw. If the teeth are coming in at an angle or if there simply isn't enough room for them to fit comfortably in your mouth, he may recommend extracting them.  

What is an impacted tooth?

An impacted tooth is one that is lodged either between two teeth or between the jaw and the tooth beside it. In most cases, an impaction occurs when wisdom teeth try to break through the gum with a limited amount of space.

If not removed, the wisdom tooth will continue to press upward and can break or damage the tooth it's resting against. An impacted tooth can be extremely painful and should be removed before it begins to damage other teeth.

Why is it important to extract damaged or diseased teeth?

Damaged or diseased teeth can harbor large amounts of bacteria resulting in frequent infections. Infections in the soft tissues of the mouth can spread throughout the body with very little encouragement, causing your immune system to constantly struggle to control the infection and protect your body from illness.

Extracting damaged or diseased teeth removes the source of the infection, allowing the body to heal on every level. Dr. Brian can evaluate the health of your teeth and advise you about whether your teeth are damaged to the point where they are beyond repair and should be extracted.

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