Enter the New Year With a Smile for the Ages

Who doesn’t want a superstar smile to usher in 2020? And let’s take it a step further: Why shouldn’t your smile be guaranteed to dazzle year-round? 

It takes two to create a fabulous smile — you and your dentist. 

Dr. Brian LaBombard’s experience treating patients of all ages, expertise in all areas of dentistry, and focus on your concerns and wishes make him the perfect choice for serving your dental needs, from routine care to special procedures. 

He enthusiastically continues to learn about and apply the latest innovations in dentistry, and he’ll help you set — and attain — the goals you set for your smile. 

Practice good oral hygiene, and schedule routine checkups to form the foundation for a great smile.

When you work with Dr. LaBombard, you form a partnership. He’ll do his part, which is ensuring that your teeth are healthy and strong, diagnosing problems, and troubleshooting potential issues. 

You do your part by taking excellent care of your mouth, which involves brushing and flossing twice daily and following any specific tips and guidelines he shares with you about additional measures you should take, such as wearing a night guard to protect your teeth.

Follow your own individual path to a beautiful smile.

If there’s one thing Dr. LaBombard has learned, it’s that no two patients — or mouths — are alike. His menu of services is designed to meet any need you might have. 

He can perform routine dentistry for you, like filling a cavity or fashioning and fitting a crown, which, like maintaining good oral habits, keeps your mouth healthy and your teeth strong. 

Your teeth work hard for you, day in and day out, and Dr. LaBombard can address issues of decay and wear-and-tear so that your oral health is excellent.

Dr. LaBombard also offers a wide array of specialty cosmetic dental procedures, including:

A veneer is a paper-thin porcelain permanent cover for your tooth that hides a host of imperfections, from chips to cracks, while whitening methods — including the innovative GLO™ system that Dr. LaBombard uses — brightens your smile safely.

Bonding is a procedure in which Dr. LaBombard puts a resin on your teeth that matches their color and also helps correct multiple cosmetic issues, like filling in gaps between teeth and even extending a tooth that’s shorter than the others. 

The ClearCorrect aligners we love will remedy any alignment issues you may have in record time, almost invisibly! They’re a great alternative to traditional braces.

Don’t let a nagging tooth problem linger.

If you have any tooth pain, don’t wait to get it checked out. Even though procedures like root canals and extractions are meant to address more serious mouth problems, discomfort will affect your smile faster than anything, and Dr. LaBombard is ready to tackle these issues too:

You may cringe at the thought of needing any one of these procedures, but rest assured that  Dr. LaBombard’s exceptional skills combined with significant advances in pain control make even these measures comfortable. 

Ring in 2020 with your best smile, but don’t limit it to just one night.

It’s all about teamwork when it comes to creating a customized-to-you smile. Dr. LaBombard loves nothing more than collaborating with you on the vision you have for your mouth and how you can get there together.

Call our Austin office today at 512-291-6684, or book an appointment online with us. No matter what your concerns or dreams for your smile are, Dr. LaBombard and his team are eager to help!

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