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How to Extend the Results of Teeth Whitening

Love your newly whitened teeth — but looking for ways to extend that sparkle? Find out how you can maintain your smile after a teeth whitening procedure for pearly whites that shine month after month!

Jun 13th, 2019
Have a Missing Tooth? Dental Implants May Be Your Best Option

If you’re missing teeth but are ready to reclaim your confident smile, you may be interested in dental implants. They are the closest replacement option to your natural teeth. Learn how and why dental implants may be the right option for you.

May 15th, 2019
Top 3 Dental Problems That Veneers Can Fix

A winning smile is about confidence. If you’re self-conscious about a chipped or discolored tooth, there’s a simple solution. Veneers may be the key to getting your confidence back.

Apr 11th, 2019
The Best Way to Prepare for Your Upcoming Root Canal

There’s nothing to dread about having a root canal. With contemporary techniques, it’s typically free of pain and essentially little different than a normal filling. Preparing for the treatment helps ensure its success.

Mar 14th, 2019
GLO Science Can Visibly Brighten Your Smile

As one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry offerings, teeth whitening is an easy and effective way to improve your smile. Find out how GLO® Science professional whitening uses advanced technology to give you a whiter, more vibrant smile.

Feb 7th, 2019