GLO Science Can Visibly Brighten Your Smile

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If you’re like the vast majority of people (or 99.7% of adults who responded in a recent poll about oral health), you believe that a beautiful smile isn’t simply attractive — it’s an important social asset.  

Because you’ve long understood that your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, you’ve always done your best to maintain good oral hygiene habits. But even if brushing and flossing twice a day have kept your teeth white, bright, and healthy, you may still find yourself wishing for a more radiant smile.

As many men and women have discovered firsthand, professional teeth whitening is one of the most effective ways to increase the vibrancy of your smile. Besides being easy, quick, and relatively inexpensive, this highly popular treatment delivers long-lasting results that won’t fade over time.

At Airport Dental Care in Austin, Texas, we’re pleased to offer fully customizable professional whitening treatments with GLO® Science, one of the most sophisticated — and convenient — teeth whitening systems available. Here’s how it works.  

The science of dull-looking teeth

Just as hair and skin come in a range of natural tones and colors, tooth enamel comes in various shades of white. Although practicing excellent oral hygiene habits can go a long way toward helping you keep your pearly whites as bright as possible, a variety of factors can leave them looking less than vibrant.

So how do white, bright teeth slowly become dull and discolored?

It starts at the surface, with your outer enamel layer, which, despite its smooth appearance, actually contains microscopic pits. Even if you brush and floss without fail after each meal, a few tiny food particles and liquid residues are bound to penetrate these imperfections, where they can accumulate over time and leave your teeth looking dull or stained.  

Consuming enamel-staining foods and beverages like berries, coffee, tea, and red wine can speed up the accumulative dulling process considerably; smoking can have the same effect.

From not-so-bright to super-white

GLO Science merges advanced technology with traditional whitening agents to break up unsightly stains, remove discoloration, and give you your whitest, brightest smile.

Using a specially designed mouthpiece that combines therapeutic blue light energy with warming heat to activate and accelerate a customized hydrogen peroxide whitening gel, this clinical-strength treatment whitens and brightens without dehydrating your teeth or making them feel more sensitive.   

Because the closed-system mouthpiece keeps your teeth completely covered — and prevents whitening oxygens from escaping — GLO Science professional whitening is faster and more efficient and delivers longer-lasting results than comparable in-office whitening treatments.

GLO Science teeth whitening is also highly customizable. After we assess your degree of discoloration and overall whitening goals, your in-office treatment can be completed in 32 minutes or less to get the results you’re after. Your take-home kit contains a series of comfortable at-home treatments can help you safely and gradually boost your in-office whitening results.

An average of five shades brighter

Clinical studies show that GLO Science professional whitening can give you unmistakably whiter teeth that are an average of five shades brighter after one in-office whitening treatment and four subsequent at-home sessions.  

By comparison, it can take two weeks or longer to see noticeable results from store-bought bleaching trays, and the results typically aren’t as vibrant. Likewise, store-bought whitening strips or paint-on gel products generally require multiple applications over the course of several weeks, often with inconsistent results.

Store-bought whitening treatments also tend to be harsher, more irritating, and more likely to cause enamel damage or painful tooth sensitivity.

GLO Science professional whitening is, on the other hand, comfortable, quick, and safe, and it delivers long-lasting results that won’t fade over time. And unlike chairside bleaching and laser whitening treatments, it’s just as effective on crowns, bridges, bonding, veneers, and other dental restorations as it is on natural enamel.  

If you’re ready for a whiter, brighter smile, call our Austin, Texas, office today, or use the easy online tool to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brian LaBombard anytime.

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