Help! My Teeth Are Yellow

You lead every day with your smile, whether at home, at play, or on the job. Suddenly, you realize one morning that your teeth are looking awfully yellow. When did your teeth yellow, and is there anything you can do about it?

Fortunately, the answer is yes — now more than ever, as today’s professional teeth whitening treatments grow more advanced and effective. With the help of the dental professionals at Airport Dental Care of Austin, Texas, you can turn back the clock on your teeth, reversing yellowing and removing stains. Brian LaBombard, DMD and his team give you great results every time, for a lasting transformation of your smile.

Why do teeth yellow over time?

When you’re young, your teeth have a naturally bright pearl white color. Over the years, most people see that whiteness discolored. There are multiple factors that contribute to the yellowing of teeth over time.

You may see staining from specific foods and beverages. Blueberries, red wine, chocolate, coffee, and tea are common culprits of lasting stains on your teeth. Regular brushing and rinsing after eating or drinking can help, but stubborn stains may remain despite your best efforts to remove them.

Smoking and tobacco use can also damage your dental health, leaving unsightly stains and yellowing. However, even if you never smoke, you can still notice your teeth yellowing over time, because of the natural wear and thinning of your dental enamel. Some medications can also cause teeth yellowing as a side effect, as well.

Brighten your smile this fall

You don't have to learn to live with a yellow grin. You have professional teeth whitening options to quickly and effectively brighten your smile. At Airport Dental Care, we offer teeth whitening treatments, including specialty toothpastes and GLO™ Science treatments.

Unlike over-the-counter home kits or teeth whitening treatments of the past, the treatments you’ll find at Airport Dental Care give you natural-looking results, and won’t damage your teeth or your enamel. With professional teeth whitening, you can say goodbye to your yellow teeth, and put on a new, bright smile.

Time for a GLO-up

With a single GLO appointment, you can restore your smile, decreasing yellowing by multiple shades. The name of this treatment stands for “guided light optics,” referencing the combination of light and heat used in this revolutionary teeth whitening system.

Dr. Brian and his team use a specialized mouthpiece to administer your GLO treatment. Containing a speciality whitening gel, the appliance only has to remain in your mouth for a few minutes. Then we send you home with your mouthpiece and instructions for at-home maintenance treatments. With the GLO Science system, you’re guaranteed lasting results.

To find out what increasingly popular professional teeth whitening can do to transform your yellow teeth, get in touch with the experts at Airport Dental Care today. You can schedule an appointment by giving us a call at 512-668-9907, or use the online tool to request your appointment.

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