How Does ClearCorrect™ Compare to Invisalign®?

82% of the U.S. population believe straight, white teeth can help you get ahead in life. If you agree, then you’ve probably considered braces to help enhance your smile. The only problem is you don't want braces that stand out; especially if you're an adult. Thankfully, clear braces exist to correct your teeth discreetly. But, with all the options out there, how do you choose the best one for you?

Two of the biggest brands of clear braces are Invisalign® and ClearCorrect™. At Airport Dental Care in Austin, Texas, Dr. Brian LaBombard offers ClearCorrect™ to his patients. Here’s why he opts for this affordable, doctor-friendly treatment.

What’s the difference between ClearCorrect™ and Invisalign®?

The biggest differences between ClearCorrect™ and Invisalign® is the way the treatment is set up and priced, and how the trays are manufactured and delivered. 


Invisalign® typically has a 20-30 aligner treatment protocol,. While most patients can achieve the results they want in a year, more complex cases can take longer.

People who don't need as much straightening may find Invisalign® to be more expensive than necessary. With Invisalign®, the entire set of 20-30 aligners are fabricated at once, assuming the treatment takes precisely the path predicted by the computer model.


ClearCorrect™ is a more flexible clear braces treatment. You might need just a few aligners with treatment completed in under a year, or multiple liners in a treatment plan ranging up to five years. Typical costs range between $2500 and $3500 on average for simple cases. Costs can go up to $5500 or more for complex cases (which typically can’t be treated with basic Invisalign®.) 

With ClearCorrect™, only a few trays are made at a time. This allows revisions if your teeth don't move exactly as expected. What does this mean? More comfort during your course of treatment, and a more customized and flexible treatment plan.

Why Dr. LaBombard prefers ClearCorrect™

Dr. LaBombard finds ClearCorrect™ to allow more flexibility for your treatment and better pricing. With ClearCorrect™, he orders only as many aligner trays as you actually need. He can also tailor your treatment more precisely, so you love your results.

You'll also have less discomfort switching from one set of trays to another since your teeth will be routinely re-scanned and your treatment adjusts as you go.

If you're ready for clear braces to perfect your smile, contact our office at 512-668-9912 or book your appointment online for a ClearCorrect™ consultation.

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