Oral Health Tips No One Ever Told You About

Oral Health Tips No One Ever Told You About

You know you’re supposed to brush your teeth twice a day, floss once a day, and visit your dentist a couple of times a year for a professional cleaning. You know this because you’ve been told over and over again.

You’ve got the basics down, but there’s more to oral hygiene than just brushing, flossing, and cleaning. You can also improve your oral health with a few tips you might not have heard before. 

Here at Airport Dental Care in Austin, Texas, we love to give these kinds of tips to our patients, and now we’re passing a few along to you:

Don’t use mouthwash right after you brush

When you use mouthwash immediately after brushing your teeth, you’re rinsing away the fluoride from your toothpaste. Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay by keeping acids from damaging your tooth enamel. Use your mouthwash at a different time from when you brush.

Brush your tongue

When you do your twice-a-day brushing, don’t forget to brush your tongue too. Brushing your tongue helps rid your mouth of bacteria that grow and multiply in the cracks and crevices on your tongue. These bacteria can cause tooth decay.

As a bonus, brushing your tongue can improve your breath too.

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush

Using a toothbrush with hard bristles can damage the enamel on your teeth, leaving them vulnerable to decay. Hard bristles can expose the root surfaces of your teeth as well. Switch to a soft-bristled brush to avoid these threats.

Store (and replace) your toothbrush the right way

Here’s the right way to store your toothbrush: Rinse it after brushing and store it upright so it can air dry. Don’t store it in a closed container, which can invite bacteria, mold, and yeast. 

You should also replace your toothbrush every 2-3 months and after you’ve been sick to keep germs from spreading.

Don’t brush your teeth too hard

You might think that the harder you brush your teeth, the better it is for your teeth. But if you brush too aggressively, you can begin to wear away the hard enamel layer on your teeth and cause your gums to recede, making your teeth more sensitive. 

An electric toothbrush with a pressure indicator can help alleviate this problem.

Add these tips to your oral health playbook, and your oral hygiene should improve considerably. And when it’s time to schedule your professional cleaning, our expert team at Airport Dental Care is ready to take care of you. Call our office or book your appointment online.

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