Straighten Your Teeth Without Anyone Knowing

Straighten Your Teeth Without Anyone Knowing

You have a problem. You want straighter teeth to give you that beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of, but you don’t want anyone to know you’re straightening your teeth.

Traditional metal braces are impossible to wear without anyone spotting them, but a new system of clear, plastic aligners called ClearCorrect® can help you achieve your goal.

In Austin, Texas, Dr. Brian LaBombard and the team at Airport Dental Care use ClearCorrect to straighten our patients’ teeth without anyone knowing.

What’s ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect is a system that uses a series of clear aligner trays to gradually move your teeth into the proper position and give you the best smile possible. Made of proprietary ClearQuartz™ material, ClearCorrect aligners are so thin that most people won’t know you’re wearing them.

The process is simple and straightforward. At your first visit, Dr. LaBombard takes a 3D scan of your mouth to develop a digital treatment plan for straightening your teeth. Your aligners are then custom-made to move your teeth from crooked to straight using gentle, consistent force.

You get a box with multiple sets of aligners in order. Wear each set for a couple of weeks, then switch to the next pair of trays. Plan on visiting the office every few weeks to allow us to check your progress until your smile is complete.

Are you a good candidate for ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect can solve almost every problem that metal braces can fix, including crowding, improper spacing, overbite, overjet, cross bite, and open bite. Unless your orthodontic issue is specialized or serious, you should be a good candidate for ClearCorrect.

You must also be willing to commit to wearing your aligners at least 22 hours each day.

In addition to being discreet, clear aligners have the advantage of being removable. You can pop out your aligners with ease when it’s time to eat, drink, or brush your teeth. Food and drink can stain the aligners, and you must keep up your oral hygiene while using ClearCorrect.

You must be disciplined enough, though, to put your aligners back in when you’re finished eating, drinking, or brushing. Failure to wear them for at least 22 hours each day slows your treatment and causes it to last much longer.

When you’re ready to straighten your teeth without anyone knowing, Dr. LaBombard and our team at Airport Dental Care can help. Call the office to schedule an initial consultation, or book your visit online. Your teeth — and your secret — are safe with us!

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