What To Expect When You Come in for a Professional Cleaning

Even with regular brushing and flossing, your mouth can use extra help every now and then to get clean deep down. Potentially harmful bacteria are numerous in your mouth, forming deposits of plaque on your teeth and gums. Regular professional dental care keeps your mouth healthy.

At Airport Dental Care, our sensitive team of experts, led by Dr. Brian LaBombard, provides regularly scheduled teeth cleaning services for new and existing patients in the Austin, Texas area. We take every possible step to reduce discomfort during your appointment.

Benefits of professional cleaning

Plaque deposits that have hardened into tartar increase your risks of both tooth decay and gum disease, so managing your plaque levels is an important part of tending to your long-term oral health. 

With a professional tooth cleaning session, we can clear your teeth and gums of plaque and tartar.

Don’t skip your regular professional cleanings. Dental problems are often cheaper and easier to address effectively when we catch them early. If tooth decay or gum deterioration aren’t identified in their early stages, you risk more complicated, invasive, and expensive dental procedures later on.

Dr. LaBombard recommends that most of our patients have a professional teeth cleaning every six months. If you have known dental or oral health concerns, he may suggest that you come in for cleanings more frequently.

What to expect at a teeth cleaning appointment

You need expert cleaning with specialized tools to regularly remove stubborn deposits of tartar from your teeth and gums. At your cleaning, we also take time to check your oral hygiene habits and suggest adjustments to your brushing or flossing technique.

We can adjust your dental cleaning treatment to fit any unique treatment needs. In most cases, we include an oral exam, removal of plaque and tartar, tooth polishing, professional flossing, and, if needed, applications of fluoride and dental X-rays.

Taking care with your comfort

Professional teeth cleaning appointments can feel invasive, because we need to scrape, poke, floss, and polish in and around all of your teeth. If you have dental anxiety concerns, let us know before your appointment, so we can work with you on managing your discomfort.

To schedule your professional cleaning session, contact us today at Airport Dental Care by calling or using our online tool to request an appointment.

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